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Mario Batali Gets a Cross-Country Bunk-ing

Chef Tommy Habetz earned his cooking chops under the ample wing of Mario Batali. But while the two remain friends and mutual admirers, Batali had never eaten a single Bunk sandwich. That is, until Yahoo Food decided to right the wrong and overnight six sandwiches to his New York office on Friday. Followers of Habetz's Instagram feed spotted a shot of a Bunk-eating Batali giving a thumbs-up, and thought the celebrity chef had finally made it to Portland (not such a stretch, his dad owns Salumi in Seattle, after all). Nope, he was still in NYC, but apparently even day-old Bunk is delicious.
· We Mailed a Sandwich to Mario Batali [Yahoo Food]
· Bunk Sandwiches [Official site]

Bunk Sandwiches

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