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Saveur Readers Love Us, They Really Love Us

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Portland is named reader's choice for best culinary destination and drinks (and rightly so).

Portland gets a loving spoonful in the October issue of Saveur magazine, where readers crowned it the best "Small Domestic Culinary Destination" as well as the best domestic city for "Cocktails & Drinks." Saveur writes: "Here, odd is the norm, funky is fair game, and scrappy restaurateurs are able to deliver world-class food at shockingly small-town price tags." Well, "shockingly small" is relative, but we won't quibble. We also won't quibble with the experts' choice in the culinary destination category: New Orleans. We like that place, too. But then we found out the so-called experts chose Las Vegas as the best cocktail and drinks city. Seriously? Vega$? We have only two words: throw down!

What do you think? Is Vegas poised to steal our drink cred? Which cities would have earned your vote?

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