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Crime Lands Tualatin's DonutLand in the News

The shop's delivery driver gets his van stolen, thief is caught with donut in hand

This morning, a delivery driver for a little donut shop in Tualatin made a dumb mistake that could've cost him his job, but now will likely make him employee of the month.

The Oregonian and KGW report that the Donut Land driver left his keys in the van while making a stop in Downtown Portland. An opportunistic thief (aren't they all?), made off with the van, headed east, and promptly began scarfing down donuts.

"The suspect pulled the van over at Southeast 59th Avenue and Mall Street, and the officer began to give him commands to put both of his hands out the window," says Sgt. Pete Simpson. "The suspect put his hands out the window and the officer observed a pastry fall from the suspect's hands." In fact, police found donuts "all over the inside of the van,''  says Simpson.

But as everyone chuckles over the hungry donut thief, you can't deny the news will be nothing but good for Donut Land's business. The funky little shop buried in a suburban strip mall is now on everyone's radar.

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