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Clutch Sausagery Reveals Opening Date and Menu Details

Two weeks until you can have Clutch in your clutches.

There are sausages, and then there are smoked-lamb sausages topped with fried chickpeas, hummus, and feta. And Philly cheesesteak sausages topped with sriracha cheesepuffs. And bacon cheeseburger sausages made with cheese curds, crispy bacon and fries. And cheddar IPA sausages in which beer, bratwurst and cheese become one.

This is what you get when former Riffle NW chef Ken Norris starts making sausages. And you can finally get a taste in two weeks.

Norris is planning to open Clutch Prime Sausagery on Jan. 29 in the brand-new Timberland Town Center in Beaverton. A PDX airport location is also in the works, but it's on hold while he gets the flagship off the ground.

When Clutch opens, you can expect a rotating menu of inventive sausages paired with just-as-inventive toppings. And if you're not feeling adventurous, he'll have a "bad-ass proper hotdog," too. On the side, there will be seasonal salads (think kale and brussels sprouts at first). To drink, a tight selection of craft beer in a range of styles by the bottle, plus cider, sake, and wine from Union Wine Co.

Check back for more developments over the next two weeks.

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