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Watch Tyler Malek of Salt and Straw Make Truffle Gummi Bears

They even had proper belly buttons.

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Wherever Salt & Straw goes, a line will follow. And that's because they do some deliciously wacky stuff.

Case in point: the truffle gummi bears that topped a tri-truffle sundae at the Oregon Truffle Festival's Walk on the Wild Side event last Friday. For the sundae, co-owner/mastermind/Forbes wunderkind Tyler Malek layered vanilla ice cream with black truffles. He then drizzled scoops of it, and his popular Woodblock Chocolate ice cream, with white chocolate-truffle "magic shell," and topped that with white truffle-infused gummi bears.

That's right. He made his own gummi bears.

To make them, he created molds by hot-gluing Haribo gummi bears to the back of a baking sheet and pressing them into another baking sheet filled with cornstarch. Malek says he insisted on using Haribo Gold-Bears, with their teeny belly buttons, because they are the "gold-standard."

Check it out (image and video courtesy of Tyler Malek):

If you're sad you missed out, don't worry. The Oregon Truffle Festival continues this weekend in Eugene, and Malek will bring his creation to the Oregon Truffle Marketplace at the Eugene Hilton this Sunday Jan. 25.