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Broder Nord Makes Our Dollar Oyster Dreams Come True

Saturday nights. $1 oysters. Life is good.


We've been complaining for a while about Portland's $3-a-pop oysters, while notoriously overpriced cities like New York revel in plentiful $1 oyster happy hours.

But Broder Nord has heard our cries, answered our prayers, and found a great way to lure diners to its under-the-radar dinner with $1 oyster nights every Saturday starting Jan 24.

The oysters come from family-owned Hama Hama Oyster Company on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, and are delivered the same day they're harvested. You can expect varieties like Blue Pools, "a tumbled oyster that is deep cupped, creamy, and sweet with a moderate brine," and the company's signature Hama Hamas, "which boast a clean and crisp flavor that is frequently mineral and fruity, but never musky."

The oysters are available from 5 p.m. until they run out. If you don't want to eat anything else, you'll have to buy at least one drink per person to get the deal. But you might as well settle in for dinner, which has been a hit with critics but slow to take off. It's offered at the North Portland location only from Wednesday through Saturday. The menu includes a name-your-price Smörgåsbord Tasting Menu, and Scandinavian-inspired classics like Swedish meatballs, hasselback potatoes, and beef Rydberg.

Bröder Nord

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