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Parcel Gift Boxes Feature Cocktalia Curated by Bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Just add booze.


With Valentine's Day on the near horizon, it's time to start thinking about gifts. You can send a predictable bouquet of flowers, or you can go with something that has a little more Portland style.

Parcel, a recently launched local gift box purveyor, offers wood boxes packed with beautiful bouquets and some of the best Oregon-made food products out there, things like Marshall's Haute Sauce, Woodblock Chocolate, Quin Candy and Argyle wine.

But the box we covet is the Cocktail Box, filled with tools hand-picked by Clyde Common bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler. The large, slide-top wooden box comes filled with a Teardrop barspoon, weighted shaking tin, julep strainer, Japanese-style jigger, Morgenthaler's "The Bar Book," fresh herbs, and citrus. Essentially, it has everything you need to make a perfect cocktail except the booze.

Owner Kim Moran, a former flower shop owner and graphic designer, will also work with you to create a custom box perfectly suited to your sweetie. And she's in the process of creating more boxes with local chefs. Keep your eyes peeled for a box by Jenn Louis of Lincoln, featuring her upcoming cookbook "Pasta By Hand" set for release in March.