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Your Game-Day Grub Could be the Next Concession at Timbers Matches

Think your cooking is all that?

Portland Timbers/Facebook

Maybe it's your stuffed meatballs, or your finger-lickin' wings. Or maybe you've created the world's best vegan sliders. Whatever culinary creation you have up your sleeve, it might just be good enough to win the Timbers Chef concession contest.

The Portland Timbers are looking for something new to sell at concession stands for the 2015 season, so they launched a contest. Come up with a dish that meets the criteria below and you can enter to win.

The dish must:

  • Have a locally sourced main ingredient
  • Not be deep fried
  • Be made in large batches
  • Be able to be held hot or cold for 20 minutes
  • Cost less than $3 per serving to make
  • Be able to be served on a paper plate or tray

To enter, photograph and name your dish, then post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by Feb. 5 with the hashtag #TimbersChef.

Four finalists will be invited to face off "Iron-chef style" on Feb. 20 to determine the winner. Does the winner get a cut of the profit on sales of the dish? Not a chance. Prizes include Timbers tickets, merchandise and a loaf of Dave's Killer Bread each month for 1 year.