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Get Free Fancy Seafood From Top Local Chefs at Lincoln Restaurant on Sunday

Seafood and drinks for FREE. That is all.

On Sunday January 11, from 1 to 4 p.m., Lincoln restaurant is hosting a seafood tasting sponsored by True World Foods seafood distributor. Guests can sample high-ticket items like sustainably farmed Ōra King Salmon and Mintersweet Oysters prepared by local chefs. There will be spirits by Dogwood Distillery and beer from Groundbreaker Brewing. And, here's the kicker, the entire event is free of charge. Want to go? Just show up. Here's what's on the menu:

PJ Yang (Bamboo Sushi, Bamboo Izakaya)
Mintersweet Oysters: oyster chawanmushi with house cured ikura
Ōra King Salmon: sashimi with ponzu fluid gel

Earl Ninsom (Paadee, Langbaan)
Mintersweet Oysters: galanga cream, ceviche with Thai herbs, crispy rice cup 
Ōra King Salmon: Thai style tartare, seared coconut sticky rice

Jenn Louis (Lincoln, Sunshine Tavern)
Mintersweet Oysters: foie gras butter, golden raisins, mint, gratinado 
Ōra King Salmon: Nocino cured salmon tea sandwiches, uni mascarpone, seeds

Lincoln Restaurant

3808 NE Williams Avenue, Portland, OR 97227 Visit Website