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Thrive Sauce and Bowls Opens Today in Former Alameda Cafe

The food truck, catering company, and sauce maker opens brick-and-mortar with expanded menu.

Thrive Sauce and Bowls
Thrive Sauce and Bowls

October 1 is the grand opening for Thrive Sauce and Bowls, the gluten-free restaurant owned by chef Erika Reagor. Reagor is best known for her bowls, each inspired by a different world cuisine, such as Japanese or Mexican, and packed with brown rice, seasonal veggies, sauce, and your choice of protein. At Thrive, you'll find a casual neighborhood spot with counter service and a full menu of appetizers, entrees, and bowls.

Located at 4641 NE Fremont St., Thrive takes over the old Alameda Cafe space, which the Alameda Cafe occupied for 30 years. Speaking with Eater back in August, Reagor didn't have any major renovation plans. Is that still the case? For the most part it is. Thrive now has an orange-and-green-carrot color theme and has replaced the old long-bench seating with more individual tables for a vintage mom-and-pop vibe.

Beginning today, Thrive Sauce and Bowls will be open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

Thrive Sauce and Bowls

Thrive Sauce and Bowls

[Photos by Thrive Sauce and Bowls]

Thrive Sauce And Bowls

4641 NE Fremont St , Portland, OR 97213 Visit Website