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Eater's Fourth Annual Cocktail Week Begins Right Now

Pure liquid inspiration all week long.

Eater Cocktail Week
Eater Cocktail Week

This city is about to get seriously boozy because it's Eater Cocktail Week. All week, Eater PDX is dedicated to cocktail culture, and you'll find Eater maps for cocktail bars and late-night eats and dive into Portland's spirited history to see how it all came to be. You'll hear about the hottest cocktail trends straight from the mouths of Portland's top bartenders. Perhaps the most thirst-inducing, Eater PDX has teamed up with five cocktail bars to offer five Eater PDX drink specials. We'll announce one each day of the week.

So yeah, stockpile ibuprofen. Research hangover cures. Contemplate the fine line between pleasantly wasted and next-day-destroying wasted. Because Eater Cocktail Week runs through this Friday, which is just a handful of hours before Portland Cocktail Week begins. Yowza!

Got a favorite cocktail, an amazing bartender, or a fabulous bar that you think deserves a mention? Drop us a note in the comments or hit us up using the tipline.