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Drink This: Driftwood Room's Harvest Moon

Bartender Reid Cooprider shares the story of his Harvest Moon cocktail.

Kicking off the Drink This roll call is Driftwood Room, that intimate and classy bar inside of Hotel deLuxe, where you'll find Reid Cooprider's Harvest Moon. Designed specifically for and available all Eater Cocktail Week long, Harvest Moon celebrates autumn and "complexity within simplicity," says Cooprider. "It's just so fitting for Portland, a city where the people find joy in minimalism, but we won't settle for boring."

The main spirit is local Dogwood Distillery's Union Gin. "It's a locally produced, small-batch gin, and its ingredients are taken from local farms. It's also just damn delicious." To this, Cooprider adds Pelinkovac and Angostura Amaro because they "are very intense spirits and yet, they have huge ties to agrarian life in Europe, which stresses the superiority of a simpler life as opposed to the complexity of city life."

He finishes the cocktail with lime juice, simple syrup, and two dashes of Angostura Bitters, and the drink comes on the rocks with a lime squeeze. "With minimalism comes appreciation. Portlanders are often humbled by the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature and how it brings us together worldwide."

Get the Harvest Moon for $13 at the Driftwood Room, only during Eater Cocktail Week, October 12 through 16.

Driftwood Room

729 Southwest 15th Avenue, , OR 97205 (503) 820-2076 Visit Website