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Drink This: Bit House Saloon's Wexter's Playground

Find this drink with a toy dinosaur in tow all Eater Cocktail Week at Bit House Saloon.

The next Drink This special for Eater Cocktail Week is Bit House Saloon's Wexter's Playground, a tiki and comic book-inspired behemoth by bartender Jesse Card starring a dinosaur, powdered sugar, and single-barrel brandy from Germain Robin. "It's an autumnal riff on a traditional Mai Tai recipe," says Card, "where I used the classic proportions but switched out all of the original ingredients."

The brandy is joined by Orchard Pear liqueur, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, fresh lime, Blackstrap bitters, and salted almond. The drink is garnished with a toy dinosaur, a powdered forest of mint, and monolith apple slices. "I like my drinking to be fun," says Card, "and as my two-year-old son can attest, dinosaurs are pretty damn fun."

The root of the cocktail is a relatively unknown hero from the Axe Cop webcomic book: Wexter, Axe Cop's pet T. rex. According to Card, "He has Gatling guns for arms, breathes fire, and can fly!"

Get the Wexter's Playground cocktail at Bit House from now through October 17.

Bit House Saloon

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