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Drink This: Teardrop Lounge's Shooting the Moon

Made specially for Eater Cocktail Week, today's Drink This special comes from bar star Daniel Shoemaker, the man behind Teardrop Lounge and The Commissary. From now through October 17, he's serving Shooting the Moon at Teardrop Lounge in the Pearl. An autumnal cocktail, Shooting the Moon focuses on Ransom's Whippersnapper Whiskey and incorporates whole black peppercorns, grade-B maple syrup, Aperol, Amaro Sibilla, three lemon zests, a dash of orange bitters, and a dash of Xocolatl Mole bitters.

Shoemaker says that when he first tried Whippersnapper it was young and "tough to tame." He tried it again recently, and it was all grown up. The Aperol adds brightness, and the Sabilla, made using a single-grape grappa, adds darkness, balancing the split personalities of a fall day in Oregon, when torrential downpours are interspersed with sunbreaks.

As for the name? "It's named after my dad, who always used to throw down his cards when he shot the moon," says Shoemaker. Get the cocktail for $12 at Teardrop Lounge now through Saturday, October 17.

Teardrop Lounge

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