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Drink This: Saucebox's Eater Cocktail Week Special, Jubilee

A cocktail inspired by the old Zefiro martini.

One day closer to the weekend, the next Drink This special for Eater Cocktail Week comes from Derek Estes, lead bartender at Downtown's Saucebox. The Jubilee cocktail is available now through the end of Eater Cocktail Week, Saturday, October 17, and features Cardenal Mendoza Brandy, Eldorado 12-year rum, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, Orgeat, and lemon, served over crushed ice.

"This cocktail was inspired by the old Zefiro martini," says Estes. "This year marks what would have been Zefiro's 25th anniversary and Saucebox's 20th anniversary." To celebrate, Estes is doing a mashup of Zefiro's signature martini with a Mai Tai "to give it a little bit of Saucebox flair." Grab one for $12.


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