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Is Portland Really America's Most 'Wallet-friendly' Food City?

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That's the word, according to Wallet Hub.

Portland ranked most budget-friendly city for food.
Portland ranked most budget-friendly city for food.

The personal finance social network Wallet Hub ranks Portland as the most affordable "Foodie" city in the nation, but Portland did come in second in the category of the city with the most expensive beer. It also reports that Portland, of any U.S. city, has the most craft breweries and wineries per capita (yes, Seattle's in third) and the third most coffee shops. The news comes amidst recent reports that housing costs in Portland have risen 41% since 2010, as well as general grumbling from all corners of the city about rising costs of living.

Regarding methodology, Wallet Hub compared America's 150 most populated cities. It only researched the cities proper, not their surrounding metropolitan areas, and it judged the affordability of each city's food scene using 18 metrics, including cost of groceries, number of food trucks per capita, and number of restaurants per capita.

The top ten most affordable foodie cities in the United States according to the report are:

1. Portland, OR

2. Orland, FL,

3. San Francisco, CA

4. Oakland, CA

5. Seattle, WA

6. Cincinnati, OH

7. Santa Rosa, CA

8. Tampa, FL

9. Rochester, NY

10. Miami, FL