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Mobile Supper Club Dinner This Month; Stuffed Bratwursts Take Portland

Urban Farmer [Facebook]

HIP CHICKS DO WINEJen Datka and Emily Park are taking their mobile supper club, Meadowlark, to the Hip Chicks Do Wine urban winery on Saturday, October 24, for a wine-paired harvest dinner anchored by a crispy pork shoulder confit main course. The dinner 3-course meal runs $60 per person. Tickets can be bought here.

URBAN FARMER—Executive Chef Matt Christianson is hosting a three-course sockeye and coho salmon dinner at Urban Farmer on Thursday, October 29, to raise funds for the Copper River Watershed Project, which protects the river's salmon-based economy. That dinner costs $68 per person. To reserve seats, call the restaurant at 503.222.4900.

NORANEKO—Good news for meat lovers. Gabe Rosen and Kina Voelz's ramen-with-a-side-of-fried-chicken spot, Noraneko, is now stuffing and selling bratwursts, which come with mustard, diced onions, and a carrot-cabbage sauerkraut on An Xuyen French rolls.