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Gonzo’s Tal Caspi has a Wood-Fired Food Cart; Now All He Needs is a Place to Park It

The new cart may fire kabobs, and it may fire pizzas, but Caspi says falafels are in his rearview mirror.

Gonzo [Facebook]

Late one night late last week, Tal Caspi, the man behind the now shuttered Gonzo food cart, let it drop on Twitter that he's now in possession of a wood-fired oven food cart.

All he needs now is a place to park it. And where exactly that cart ends up will determine the kind of cuisine he'll fire up.

"I might end up doing pizza, or something more Middle Eastern," Caspi told us when we contacted him last week by phone.

If he ends up in a pod that already has a Middle Eastern stalwart, he'll opt for pizza (he has, after all, put in time at both Pyro Pizza and Oven and Shaker). Likewise, if the pod already has a pizzeria, he'll move toward wood-firing kabobs and flatbreads.

Gonzo closed earlier this year after operating for a couple of years in the Base Camp Brewing Co. parking lot, before taking up a short-lived at a pod out on Hawthorne.

Where he'll end up is anybody's guess, but Caspi says he hopes to zero in on a space in the very near future. Have a tip for him? Contact him at

Stay tuned.