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Ned Ludd Serves Final Brunch This Sunday, Cites Change in Concept

Pizza Mondays have gone by the wayside, too.

Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd
Dina Avila/EPDX

The wood-fired brunch at Ned Ludd, located at 3925 NE MLK Blvd, is almost gone. No more wood-fired french toast. No more tartines topped with charred greens. Speaking with Eater by phone, chef and owner Jason French said, "Brunch is something that we really love, and it had a really loyal following. But in this town, you're either really brunchy or you aren't brunch." Ned Ludd's more European, "lunchy" take on brunch, a favorite of many readers and The Oregonian's Michael Russell, wasn't heavy on the eggs, bacon, and booze. This Sunday, November 1, will be its last brunch service.

Also gone are Pizza Mondays, the special wood-fired pizza nights that gave Portland the likes of PREAM, that hip-hop themed pizzeria that became a brick and mortar last April. French said that Pizza Mondays were fun, but not Ned Ludd. Apparently, no ones likes to arrive looking for the signature pork fat noodles and find wood-fired margaritas and thumping Wu-Tang Clan.

So what's taking their place? French explained that Ned Ludd is getting back to its roots, and it will still be open Mondays, only now it will serve the Ned Ludd menu. French also intends to forge a stronger bond between Ned Ludd and Elder Hall, the private gathering space for special culinary workshops and dinners that sits behind the restaurant. "We really opened Elder Hall to tell the story of Oregon food, something Ned Ludd also does," said French, so expect to find more Ned Ludd-y menus and concepts at Elder Hall.

With French thinking on a mastermind scale, he's giving chef de cuisine Lucian Prellwitz more room to work in the kitchen. This is an interesting time to watch the restaurant, and we'll track Ned Ludd as it develops, so stay tuned.

Ned Ludd

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