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Son of a Biscuit Fries Its Last Bird on SE Division

The ominous "to search for greener pastures" notice has everyone scratching their heads.

Son of a Biscuit
Son of a Biscuit
Dina Avila/EPDX

On October 16, Son of a Biscuit, the fried-chicken shack opened by Micah Camden and Katie Poppe (Hop DogBlue Star DonutsBoxer Ramen) at 2045 SE Division, posted the following on Facebook:

Hey ya'll, we're fixin' to close up shop at our Division street location to search for greener pastures for this fried chicken deliciousness. Stop by and get your fill this weekend!

Two days later, the news came true: Son of a Biscuit closed shop. But only temporarily, according to Camden. Speaking with Eater by phone, he said the restaurant will return, likely in spring 2016.

The SE Division location just didn't take from the get-go. "The parking lot looked like some architecture student's class project," said Camden. He went on to say that Son of a Biscuit did a huge Caviar business, with its fried-chicken fans placing delivery orders from all over the city. So if Son of a Biscuit does indeed reopen, you can definitely expect it to have a more central location.

Camden and Poppe opened Son of a Biscuit in June 2014. The couple recently sold their Little Big Burger franchise and opened Hop Dog.

Son of A Biscuit

2045 SE Division St, Portland, OR