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Grüner to Shutter for Good; Ox Owners to Take Over

The West End continues to go bananas.


Bamboo Sushi, Kure, Quality Bar, and Hop Dog aren't the only ones shaking things up in the West End. Now the Oregonian reports that Grüner, the restaurant serving Alpine cuisine by none other than Chris Israel, is closing its doors for good this New Year's Eve. If your jaw's already on the floor, pick it back up for this next bit of news: The owners of the ridiculously popular Ox, Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton are taking over the space with something they call SuperBite. The Denton's aren't releasing details just yet, but we've reached out and will provide details as soon as they roll in.

Interestingly, Kask, the cocktail bar next to Grüner, is part of the deal, and the Dentons intend to leave Kask open. We've reached out to Grüner for the story as well as to see what Chris Israel's next move will be, so stay tuned for these updates, too.

Chris Israel opened Grüner in 2009.


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