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Restaurant Forces Black Diner to Prepay, Slapped With $100K Racial Discrimination Suit

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An African-American sheriff's deputy speaks out against the local franchise.

Elmer's Restaurant
Elmer's Restaurant

This case began nearly a year ago on December 14, 2014, but now the $100K lawsuit is official. Brian Easonan African-American deputy with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, went into a Vancouver Elmer's Restaurant and was asked to prepay for his meal. Later, when he ordered a drink, he was asked to prepay again. According to the Oregonian, Eason then asked his waitress whether this was standard practice. The waitress explained that, due to recent parties walking out on their bills, her boss had asked her to request prepayment.

Also according to the O, Eason then left the restaurant and tried to forget about the whole incident but couldn't. He returned to the restaurant 30 minutes later and asked two white diners if they'd been asked to prepay. Eason said that these parties had responded in the negative. Now, Eason has filed a lawsuit in Multnomah County Circuit Court against the Elmer's franchise for $100,000.

Elmer's has not commented on the litigation, but director of restaurant support Jill Ramos has said, "We are disappointed to hear about the complaint which occurred at one of our franchise-operated restaurants." Since opening in 1970, Elmer's has grown to 25 diner-style locations.

The Elmer's in question is located at 7105 N.E. 40th St., Vancouver, WA.