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Taste of Sichuan, the Oregonian's Best Chinese 2015 Pick, Shutters in Vancouver

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Owners cite issues with space.

Taste of Sichuan
Taste of Sichuan
Facebook/Taste of Sichuan

After being named Best Chinese 2015 by the O, Taste of Sichuan has closed its Vancouver location at 1825 SE 164th Ave; however, it's Beaverton location remains open to serve hand-shaven noodles, sliced pork kidney soup, and braised pork with mushrooms (the menus were identical at both locations). On their website, the owners wrote the following in explanation:

Taste of Sichuan Vancouver Closing
We regret to announce that Taste of Sichuan Vancouver is closing its doors as of 10/26/15. Unfortunately, we could not make the business model work despite our best efforts. We very much like to thank all our customer who visited and supported us and like to invite you to visit our Beaverton location [sic].

And on Facebook, Taste of Sichuan goes on to say that the numbers didn't pencil out:

We thought we were on the right track until about March/April, but then, business significantly slowed down. As some have noted, the place we picked was simply too big, and that's a decision we very much regretted [sic]. We could have tried to drastically cut staff, but this would have meant cutting service and quality, which we were not willing to do. We don't have plans to open elsewhere, as it will take some time to overcome the setback we suffered.

If you have an unused Groupon or Amazon voucher, Taste of Sichuan says that you will receive a refund. You can use it at the Beaverton location, too.

Portland's Chinese food scene is already sparse. Where do you go for Chinese? What else can we do to bring more great Chinese food to our city?

The Beaverton location of Taste of Sichuan is open daily for lunch and dinner at 16261 N.W. Cornell Road, Beaverton.