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Upscale Bistro Marquee Closes Downtown

It says it will re-open with new management and a new menu and concept.

Bistro Marquee
Bistro Marquee
Dina Avila/EPDX

Located at 200 SW Market St., Bistro Marquee, known for serving Keller Auditorium crowds, has closed. The Oregonian broke the news after discovering a note on the restaurant's front door, which read: Restaurant will re-open under new management in November; however, a November re-opening is unlikely, as a recent post on the the restaurant's Facebook page says the restaurant will re-open "in 90 days."

Bistro Marquee closed two months after failing a health inspection by a Multnomah County restaurant inspector. On July 30, Fox News reported Bistro Marquee received a 65 grade, with anything below 70 failing. That said, the restaurant made corrections within one week and received a passing grade.

Gary Kneski and Leslie Palmer opened Bistro Marquee in spring 2013, and they also own she also owns Thirst Bistro. Bistro Marquee served "French-inspired" dishes ranging from duck leg confit to braised Draper Valley chicken, and Rick Widmayer, previously of Screen Door, ruled the kitchen.