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Snoop Dogg's Uncle Is Moving His Barbecue Joint Again

A spare ribs party moves to the Hollywood neighborhood.

The former Reo's Ribs location on SE Powell
The former Reo's Ribs location on SE Powell
Facebook/Reo's Ribs

Reo's Ribs, a barbecue restaurant owned by Myra Girod and Reo Varnado—aka the uncle of Snoop Dogg—has moved to yet another home. Varnado first opened Reo's Ribs off of Tualatin Valley Highway in 1999. He then moved to SW Macadam, only to have to face a lawsuit for having too much smoke and moving out in 2012. He then set up shop on SE Powell and closed that spot in January 2015. Now, Reo's Ribs returns, this time at 4211 NE Sandy in the former Hollywood Burger Bar.

Shuttering on September 27, Hollywood Burger Bar had operated since 1954, and the building itself was originally built as a trolly stop in 1922, according to the Hollywood Burger Bar website.

If all goes as planned, Reo's Ribs will be serving signature ribs, brisket, chicken, and sides—all made Mississippi-style—by the end of October.

Reo's Ribs

4211 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213, USA