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Sonny Bowl Food Cart Is Going Brick and Mortar

There's a new place to eat "rabbit food."

The Sudra
The Sudra
Dina Avila/EPDX

This coming from PoMo, the Sonny Bowl vegan food cart is going brick and mortar. Renamed Rabbits Cafe, the reinvented Sonny Bowl will be located inside of the U.S. Bancorp Tower at 111 SW 5th Ave, and it is expected to open by 2016. Sonny Bowl will continue to serve its black bean bowls and Kale Mango smoothies until the days leading up to Rabbits Cafe's opening, so no need to fear a dry spell of barbecue soy curls.

Sanjay Chandrasekaran owns the long-time downtown food cart, and this won't be his first brick-and-mortar venture. Chandrasekaran also owns NE Glisan's The Sudra, the all-vegan Indian restaurant in the Ocean complex. Rabbits Cafe will continue to serve Sonny Bowl's smoothies and bowls, and Chandrasekaran expects to eventually add wraps and breakfast items.

And what's with the name? The story is a good one: Chandrasekaran took inspiration from a would-be customer who described his food as "rabbit food." So gather all you rabbits, there's a cafe coming to downtown designed especially for you.

Rabbits Cafe

115 Northeast 6th Avenue, , OR 97232 (971) 229-0357 Visit Website

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