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House Spirits to Officially Fling Open New Distillery Doors

Mayor Charlie Hales will stand by for the first batch of Aviation American Gin.

The new tasting room at House Spirits Distillery.
The new tasting room at House Spirits Distillery.
House Spirits Distillery

Booze lovers, rejoice. Christian Krogstad and his team at House Spirits Distillery have officially moved into the new 14,000-square-foot building to the tune of $6 million. House Spirits is now the largest distillery in the Pacific Northwest, at least until Eastside Distilling opens its 41,000-square-foot facility on SE MLK. Although they broke ground in February, House Spirits has had this project in the works for two years, and the new space provides six times the distilling capacity and offers a larger tasting room for throwing back samples.

Although the new space is currently open to the curious, it officially opens this Monday. To celebrate, House Spirits will steep the very first batch of their flagship liquor, Aviation American Gin, with Mayor Charlie Hales alongside. After Monday, the tasting room's open to the public daily from 12 to 6 p.m. for tastings and tours. Who's ready to sample vodka on a daily basis starting next week?

While the facility ups production, it seems not much else will change: House Spirits will still craft all of its spirits on-site, including their aforementioned gin, Westward Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey, Krogstad Festlig Aquavit, Volstead Vodka, and Coffee Liqueur, made with Stumptown Coffee. That said, they now have extra room to experiment with new spirits, recipes, distillation methods, and aging techniques.

House Spirits Distillery: 65 SE Washington Street, 503.235.3174; Hours: 12-6 p.m. daily.

—Michelle Lahey