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Nomad.PDX Expands Hours and Adds Staff

The under-the-radar spot serving modernist cuisine paired with philosopher quotes is getting even more serious.

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Chefs Ryan Fox and Ali Matteis of Nomad.PDX
Chefs Ryan Fox and Ali Matteis of Nomad.PDX

Until recently, Nomad.PDX was a two-chef dinner series, but now, creators Ryan Fox (Castagna) and Ali Matteis (Atera) have added an extra night each week, more seatings, and two chefs to the team. Located at 1200 SW Morrison St., Nomad.PDX now serves its modernist fine-dining meals Thursday through Sunday, and instead of only offering three seatings at 6, 7 and 8:30 p.m., they're offering four and even five nightly seatings. Each seating accommodates around six people, and for late eaters, the last seating on OpenTable is at 11:30 p.m.

Speaking with Eater by phone, chef Fox says the added chefpower allows him to think big. Things like finding a permanent home for Nomad.PDX and the overall evolution of its food. "It's always about the next step," says Ryan. "How can we get better?"

A meal at Nomad.PDX usually clocks in at around 15 courses (see menu below), and farm visits and foraging trips into the countryside play a defining role. "We take the best of what's out there at the moment," says Ryan. "A lot of the inspiration for what we do, and even how we operate the company in general, is very specific to the immediate environment, whether foraging or being out on the farm." Fox and Matteis don't just make their plates look like farm and forest scenes; their vision includes the scents and textures, too. "We do the best we can to translate the experience we had out there to the table."

To show the current state of Nomad.PDX's food evolution, here's a draft of this week's menu:

Nomad.PDX Menu


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