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Mario Batali Names Tommy Habetz 'Chef on the Rise'

The father of Bunk and Pizza Jerk gets serious props.

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Tommy Habetz
Tommy Habetz

What happens when you expand your mini sandwich empire to NYC while simultaneously opening an Italian and Chinese-inspired pizza and pasta place? You get props from Mario Batali, that's what. In a recent interview, when asked to name three chefs on the rise, Batali names Tommy Habetz, the man behind Bunk Sandwiches and Pizza Jerkslated to open this Friday. Here are the words from Batali himself:

One of my favorites right now is in a place called Bunk Sandwiches in Portland, Ore., a guy named Tommy Habetz. I think he's got the idea of what this sandwich culture is and the greatness of simple stuff can really be [sic]. And he's local and he's sustainable, all the right buzzwords, but more importantly, delicious.

The two other chefs? Batali also names Leah Cohen, with "a place called Pig & Khao on the Lower East Side," and Anthony Sasso, who works with Batali at Casa Mono.

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