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Epif Restaurant & Pisco Lounge Reveals Skateboard-and-Church-Pew Interior

Oh, and a tree comes through the roof.

As first reported by Eater, Epif Restaurant & Pisco Lounge is coming to 404 NE 28th Ave., a block from Pambiche, and the Andes region-inspired vegetarian restaurant will open at 4 p.m. tomorrow, November 4. Expect vegetarian versions of regional dishes from Peru, Argentina, and Chile, where owners Nicolle Dirks and Jose "Pepe" Arancibia ran a vegetarian restaurant dedicated to Northwest cuisine. Bit of a reversal, no?

As the photos of the interior show, Dirks and Arancibia have creatively repurposed church pews to make booths and bits of skateboard to produce countertops. They didn't stop there. Tabletops feature segments of old gymnasium bleachers, and they actually built their restaurant around a big tree limb. And that gnarly hand-carved door? That comes straight from Peru.

Epif Restaurant & Pisco Lounge

404 Northeast 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97232 Visit Website