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Cocotte to Sear Its Final Frog Leg November 22

The Parisian-style bistro and bar on NE Killingsworth announces it's closing.

Cocotte Bistro & Bar
Cocotte Bistro & Bar

Sending word by email, Cocotte Bistro & Bar will serve its last meal on November 22. Chef and owner Kat LeSueur writes, "The past five years have defined me as a person and as a chef. Thank you for indulging me." Located at 2930 NE Killingsworth St., just steps from numerous dining options, including DOC, Beast, and Yakuza Lounge, Cocotte stood out for its Parisian-bistro atmosphere and for serving such playful French dishes as escargot in pistou cream sauce, Croquette aux Crevettes, and its Poulet en Cocotte.

You can still sample chef LeSueur's cooking from now through Sunday, November 22, and she's even accepting requests. In her email statement, LeSueur writes:

Please email them to, subject: "fan favorite", with as many details as you remember about the dish, and I will do my best to work them into menus and specials. If your request makes it onto a menu, I'll be sure to email you and let you know.

LeSueur isn't prepared to announce future plans, but they will likely involve "food, drink, and hospitality in some way."


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