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Morgan St Theater Popping Up Soon at Handsome Pizza

The soon-to-be-semi-permanent performative storytelling dessert club is seeking storytellers, musicians, and puppeteers eager to pair their work with ice cream-based treats.

Morgan St Theater/Facebook

We just got off the horn with Jared Goodman—the ice cream maker and storytelling raconteur behind Morgan St Theater—and he told us that come January, he'll be popping up his mobile pop-up dessert shop no fewer than three times a month at Will Fain, Annie Moss and Katia Bezerra-Clark's Handsome Pizza/Seastar Bakery spot.

Goodman says he plans on offering a menu of three-course composed ice cream desserts every Wednesday, from January to May, which he's hoping to pair with performances by other storytellers, musicians and puppeteers. (Every week, save for the first week of every month, when the shop will go dark, letting him recharge and plan ahead.)

This seasonal pilot program, he adds, gives him the opportunity to stick to one place over a long stretch of time, giving Portlanders who haven't tried his chocolate-and-rosemary scoops the chance to do so on a more regular basis.

Previously, Morgan St Theater popped up in Goodman's home, his friends' homes and, most recently, near the alley adjacent to Beast off of NE 30th Avenue.

"[Those kinds of] pop-ups," he told us, "can be exhausting."

Goodman hasn't yet announced his schedule yet, but he did hint that each month, his desserts—as well as all of the performances that accompany them, will be based on a theme—such as travel.

The first events are slated for January 13, 20 and 27.

If you're curious and can't wait that long to see what the fuss is all about, you can catch MST before it goes semi-brick-and-mortar—Goodman's hosting a pair of Hanukkah pop-ups at private homes, and he's also one the Portland Art Museum's culinary artists-in-residence, so you can catch him there, too, on December 4.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details.

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