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Historic Guild's Lake Inn Ends 30-Plus-Year Reign in Northwest Portland

Guild's Lake Inn
Guild's Lake Inn
Yelp/Nathan V.

The most recent end-of-year fatality is Guild's Lake Inn, a historic restaurant in Northwest Portland that will serve its last meal on Christmas Eve, according to Willamette Week. Guild's Lake Inn is one of the last remnants capable of transporting Portlanders to Guild's Lake's heyday, when it was the number-one source of wet-and-wild amusement for much of the city, rather than an industrial park. If the Monte Cristo, Brian's Meatloaf, or Reuben don't do it, Guild's Lake Inn's 30-foot photograph of Portland in 1903 definitely would. Most recently, the restaurant was named "Best Lunch in a Time Machine" by WWeek.

Owner Brian McAdams announced the restaurant's closing on the restaurant's website, stating that he and the restaurant "could not reach an amicable agreement regarding our lease with our property owners." McAdams later told WWeek that new landlords ProLogis recently acquired the property and had jacked up the rent by thirty-percent, causing Guild's Lake Inn 30-plus years of business to come to an end.

If you want to get a final taste of the good old days, which tends to taste like deli meat piled high on a sandwich, visit Guild's Lake Inn for breakfast or lunch before December 25. The restaurant is open 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, and located at 3271 NW 29th Ave.

Here's McAdams's official closing announcement from the Guild's Lake Inn website:

Dear patrons,

Come January 1st. 2016 our doors will be closed as the Guild's Lake Inn. We unfortunately could not reach an amicable agreement regarding our lease with our property owners. After 35 years of serving this community, its time for a change. We are sorry for YOU and want to thank all of you for the years of support. We will miss you, and hope you will join us this month and celebrate its existence. I will post more later about a Christmas Eve celebration!

Thank you,

Brian and loyal loving staff.