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Chefs and Their Cars: Rucker, Meyer, and Bailey's Bitchin' Camaro

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Because there's just something about a classic car that amps up the heat.

Quite a few chefs in town drive amazing vintage cars—be it Micah Camden blasting gangsta rap on a warm summer's day, top down, in his wood-paneled 1985 Chrysler Lebaron, or Naomi Pomeroy looking smokin' in her sleek, silver 1964 Corvair. Because there's just something about a classic car that amps up the heat, Eater asked three Portland chefs about their hot rides. Do you drive a classic car? Feel free to share the love in the comments.

Jobie Bailey, Chef at Tastebud, and Danielle Bailey Hoeft, Pastry Chef at Imperial:

1967 Chevrolet Camaro with a 327 Small Block
"I got it in 1995 from my father, who purchased it in 1971," says Jobie. "It was my first car and continues to be a work in progress. The car is something that I grew up around, working on it with my father and grandfather; plus, my mom was driving it while she was pregnant with me. I'll never get rid of it."

Ben Meyer, Chef/Owner of Old Salt Marketplace and Grain & Gristle:

1968 Chevy C10 Pickup with a 327-cubic-inch V8
"I've had this truck for about one-and-a-half years. The previous owner was a retired welder, and he did a lot of little custom body modifications and primered it. The motor is pretty stock. I love to drive it. So, after a fifteen hour day in the restaurant, I get a little excitement when I get to start it up and drive home. I have a three-year-old boy named Wendell. He loooooves the truck. After I bought it, I installed new seat belts just so his car seat would be secure and he could ride with me."

Gabriel Rucker, Chef/Owner Le Pigeon and Little Bird Bistro:

1964 Plymouth Valiant
"I bought it out front of Johnny B's, where Lardo is now. My wife, Hana, actually drives the car much more than I do. She is just much cooler and loves to take it out to French class. The kids love it, and my four-year-old has actually driven it—on my lap, of course. It's just a fun family car to have."