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Aria Gin's New Tasting Room Creates Northwest Distillery District | In-N-Out Moves North

Maine Street Lobster Company closes for season.

Maine Street Lobster Company
Maine Street Lobster Company
Facebook/Maine Street Lobster Company

NORTHWESTAria Gin isn't distilling its Northwest dry gin at Bull Run Distilling anymore. It's opened its own distillery and tasting room at 2304 NW Savier St., officially creating the Northwest Distillery District, a more spread out Northwest version of Southeast's Distillery Row. The Northwest Distillery District includes Aria Gin, Bull Run Distilling, and Clear Creek Distillery, and the district is now a part of the popular Portland Distillery Passport tour. [Oregonian]

GRANTS PASS—In-N-Out is so into Oregon. Following on the heels of its first Oregon location in Medford, the California fast-food chain has acquired a property in Grants Pass, but it has not released a plan for development, leaving plenty of questions. Questions we're currently trying to hunt down for you. [KTVL]

SOUTHEAST—Maine Street Lobster Company, one of the best places to stuff your face with actual Maine lobster in Portland, has quietly closed for the season, so don't head to the Cartlandia pod on SE 82nd expecting their lobster rolls. [EaterWire]