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The Oregonian Reviews Portland's Best Taiwanese Food

Has the city's Taiwanese scene finally landed?

Taiwan Eats
Taiwan Eats
Yelp/Taiwan Eats

The Oregonian's Samantha Bakall and Michael Russell are amped to find four Taiwanese restaurants in the Portland area (most located in Washington County). They say Sellwood's Wei Wei is the best. The "small, month-old mom-and-pop restaurant" serves "an expertly fried pork chop" "so good we were gnawing at the leftover bone" and the "beef noodle soup" with "beautifully chewy noodles and rich beef broth" might even make you "forget for a moment you're in Portland." The other three Taiwanese restaurants are Oolong Yuan CafeTaiwan Eats, and Beaverton's Honey Toast.

Wei Wei [PDX]

7835 Se 13th Ave. Ste 102, Portland, OR 97202