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In-N-Out Expansion Plans 'Do Not Include Portland' | Gastro Mania Going Brick-and-Mortar

Hong Kong bakery franchise Saffron Bakery moving to N Williams.


PORTLAND—In-N-Out tells Eater "our expansion plans unfortunately do not include Portland, Oregon at this time." This comes on the heels of the company's acquisition of a property in Grants Pass. [EaterWire]

NORTHWEST—Known for its foie gras-topped burgers, Gastro Mania announces it's going brick-and-mortar at the corner of NW 20th and Pettygrove. Owner and chef Alex Nenchev specializes in Mediterranean fare, and WWeek gave it a friendly review in May 2014. No grand opening date announced. [EaterWire]

NORTHAccording to a recent liquor license application, Hong Kong bakery chain Saffron Bakery intends to open its first U.S. location at 4120 N Williams Ave. In its Hong Kong locations, Saffron sells pastries, novelty cakes, breads, bagels, and "every possible American cookie," and some locations offer breakfast and lunch, plus deli items. The proposed name for the N Williams bakery is Saffron Colonial Cafe, owned by Sally Krantz. [EaterWire]