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The Georgian Cheese Bread Trend Leaves Portland with Kargi Gogo

The downtown food cart announces it will soon close.

Kargi Gogo
Kargi Gogo
Facebook/Kargi Gogo

When it opened nearly three years ago, the Kargi Gogo food cart brought foods from the country of Georgia to Portland, and just two months ago, it brought the Georgian cheese bread trend. Portland responded appropriately with open mouths and wallets, but despite their successes, owners Sean Fredericks and McKinze Cook are moving on, stating on Facebook, "When we opened in 2013, our intention was never to operate a food cart forever." That said, Kargi Gogo isn't dead. Fredericks and Cook add:

[W]hile the food cart may be closing, Kargi Gogo will continue! We are already shipping our new spice mixes all over the country and plan to build on that. More of our popular "supra" dinners, cooking lessons and private parties will soon be coming to Portland and elsewhere. Other ideas are also in the works that we hope will resonate with Georgia enthusiasts worldwide.

For those who want one last taste of khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread)—or a first taste, as the case may be—head to Kargi Gogo's location at 950 SW Washington St. between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. before Friday, December 18.