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Be Amazed by People Eating 18-Inch Slices of Sizzle Pie

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See what happens when giant pizza, hipster camping, and heavy metal art combine.

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"It's never really been done before. It's just a giant slice of pizza," says Carson Schubert, member of the Sizzle Pie team. He's talking about the 18-inch Poler X Sizzle Pie Santa Slice, which you can get from December 17 to 24, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., at Sizzle Pie West. The mega slice is a holiday collaboration between Sizzle Pie West and its neighbor Poler Stuff—the hipster's camping store, if you will—to promote local shopping in Portland's West End.

The giant slices come in three versions: Ace of Spades (pepperoni), D-Beat (cheese) and Vegan Police and Thieves (spinach and mushroom), and the three slices come in three designer boxes, each with different artworks by Matt Stikker, Mikey McKennedy and Orion Landau—three powerhouses in the world of heavy metal art. The slices cost $10, but you can get one for $5 by shopping at Poler Stuff and bringing in a Poler X Sizzle Pie "Pizza Vibes" koozie and receipt (the koozie costs $5 at Poler and is only available during the promotion).

You can only get these giant slices at Sizzle Pie West, so don't go looking for giant slices of pizza at any of the other locations. Even if you can see them from East Burnside.

Sizzle Pie West

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