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Besaw's Sets Reopening Date

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The 112-year-old restaurant is moving in just around the corner from its original location.

The new Besaw's
The new Besaw's
Mattie John Bamman/EPDX

Owner Cana Flug tells Eater that Besaw's will officially reopen at its new location at NW 21st & Raleigh (a couple blocks from St. Jack) on January 14, 2016. Besaw's closed in spring 2015, and after a legal battle with developer C. E. John Inc., Flug retained the right to the Besaw's name. The new Besaw's will have many familiar faces, with Flug estimating about ninety-percent of her staff made the move with her.

The new faces at the restaurant will be familiar to many, too: Dustin Clark, the former executive chef of Wildwood, will helm the kitchen, and Savanna Ray, the former Wildwood sommelier, is managing the bar program. Flug says that around fifteen former Wildwood staff have joined Besaw's and that Clark will actually bring back some Wildwood dishes. The new Besaw's will be a more casual neighborhood spot, with a menu that "meets Wildwood in the middle," says Flug.

Flug is also opening a smaller restaurant next door to Besaw's called Solo Club, which she anticipates opening a month after Besaw's.


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