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Starbucks E. Coli Scare Affects 1,347 Locations in Oregon, California, and Nevada

The culprit: bad stuffing.

Last week, Starbucks pulled sandwiches from over 1,300 coffee shop locations after discovering they contained celery linked to a recent E. coli outbreak, according to Bloomberg Business. The outbreak also affected Costco, which makes its Rotisserie Chicken Salad using the celery, and all in all, nineteen people across seven states are believed to have gotten sick from E. coli. Starbucks shops were closed in Oregon, California, and Nevada, and so far, no reports of sickness resulting from E. coli have been connected to Starbucks.

At Starbucks, the bad celery came in the form of its holiday turkey panini. The celery was used to make the panini's cranberry cornbread stuffing. The FDA has identified California's Taylor Farms Pacific, Inc. as the likely source of the celery containing E. coli, and the story continues to unfold, as products believed to contain E. coli continue to be pulled by more and more businesses, including Target, 7-Eleven, Safeway, Walmart, and Sam's Club.