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Washington Post Declares Portland the #1 Food City in America

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Food critic Tom Sietsema thinks we're "Minnesota Nice," too.

After more than 60 days of travel and a dozen destinations, the Washington Post's Tom Sietsema has found America's best food city... and it's us! In The 10 Best Food Cities in America, Ranked, Sietsema calls Portland "the city that I'd most want to move to if I didn't already have the job of my dreams," and he applauds our "abundant quirks"; the "sense of pride demonstrated even by fast-food operators, foremost Burgerville"; and the fact "that everyone, fellow customers and servers alike, is Minnesota Nice." (Somehow he didn't hear a single car horn while he was here). But most of all, he admires our ingredients, "300 kinds of truffles, berries so delicate they don't leave the state," and "what a small contingent of talented chefs does with them."

Here are the other nine American food cities that made the list, featured here in descending order of greatness:

2. San Francisco

3. Los Angeles

4. New Orleans

5. Houston

6. Philadelphia

7. Chicago

8. New York

9. Washington D.C.

10. Charlston

Zagat's top-rated food city, Pittsburgh, did not find its way onto the list.