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Oregon Food Champion Ron Paul Passes at 65

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Ron Paul recently served as executive director of the forthcoming James Beard Public Market.

[Photo: Ron Paul, Ron Paul Consulting]

With sad hearts, Oregonians learned of the passing of Ron Paul, a key voice in the local food scene and former chief of staff to Mayor Charlie Hales when Hales served as Commissioner. In addition to shaping Portland's food culture, Paul was a restaurateur, having owned Ron Paul Express and Ron Paul Catering & Charcuterie, and for the past decade, he served as executive director of the James Beard Public Market, slated to open in 2018.

Among his many achievements, in 2014, Paul helped bring about the James Beard Public Market Design Forum to give Portlanders a voice in the Market's development. "A great public space cannot be measured simply by physical attributes," said Paul. "Community involvement is a crucial component to a well-designed public space."

Ron Paul was also a supporter of the connection between food and art. As the outpouring on Twitter shows, Paul meant many things to many people: