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Nodoguro Dashes from Pastaworks to 'Stray Birds'

One of Portland's best-known restaurants is relocating, and reservations go live today at 5 p.m.


The hidden 'hardcore' Japanese restaurant Nodoguro has become even more elusive—but only temporarily. Back in 2014, Nodoguro took over the former Evoe restaurant space inside of the Pastaworks gourmet grocer on SE Hawthorne, and now that Pastaworks is moving on to open Providore Fine FoodsNodoguro is taking flight, too. As PoMo reports, this January, Nodoguro will relocate to 511 NE 24th, a yet-unnamed restaurant space from chefs Peter Cho and Johnny Leach (Stray Dogs, Stray Birds).

It "looks like our run at Pastaworks will come to an end the first weekend of January," owner and chef Ryan Roadhouse told Eater this week. "We won't shut down at all." Instead, Nodoguro will serve dinners at 511 NE 24th on Wednesdays and Thursdays and take over the Ataula chef's counter on some Sunday and/or Monday nights. Reservations for Nodoguro's January dinners go live tonight at 5 p.m., and the reservation system is the best way to see exactly when Nodoguro will be open in January.

511 NE 24th won't be the final home for Ryan, his wife Elena Roadhouse, and the rest of the Nodoguro team. Ryan tells Eater the move is temporary, and it will give him the time to "hunt for the right space" for a permanent home for Nodoguro.


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