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Thieves Burgle Helpless Owl Clock from Great Notion Brewing

The theft took place before the brewery is even officially open.

The stolen Great Notion Brewing owl clock
The stolen Great Notion Brewing owl clock
Facebook/Great Notion Brewing

Slated to open January 1, Great Notion Brewing has already had a handmade owl clock stolen. "It's my fault for trusting people too much," says brewer James Dugan, who says the clock fit perfectly into the brewpub's lumberjack theme. "If someone returns it, they'll get a few free growler fills and a big hug." Just send an email to

Dugan doesn't have any leads but says the clock was stolen on December 17 or 18. He commissioned the clock from Etsy-company Rustic Spoon, and the wooden, handmade clock had a saw blade for a chest, old sprockets for eyes, and real tail feathers. It was located on the wall near the restrooms at the front of Great Notion Brewing. Here's another image of the stolen owl clock:

Great Notion Brewing

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