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Horse Brass Pub in Portland, Sunday at 6 P.M.

What says Portland holidays more than a tree decorated with craft beer cans and green-and-white Timbers gear?

Just try to find a more traditional English-style pub in Portland than the Horse Brass Pub. Tucked away on SE Belmont near 45th Avenue, its Old World character and holiday decorations go together as well as Guinness and sausage rolls, and if you visit this holiday season, you'll find a Christmas tree decorated with beer cans and cigarette boxes and Christmas lights everywhere (and if you visit today, you'll find Timbers fans hootin' and howlin' at the Timbers MLS Cup parade from dry barstools).

Not only this, but Horse Brass is known for pioneering craft beer in the United States thanks to the commitment of founder Don Younger, and that means there's always an excuse to order another round from the 59 taps. It's a place where you can get true, 20-ounce pints and sip them among wood panelling dark with age. Photographer Katherine Acheff dropped in at 6 p.m. this past Sunday, right after the Timbers' MLS Cup win, to soak up all of that goodness through her camera lens.

Horse Brass Pub

4534 Southeast Belmont Street, , OR 97215 (503) 232-2202 Visit Website