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Hawthorne Lobster House Will Close for Good December 30

Now where are you going to get "The Best Tail in Portland?"

Hawthorne Lobster House
Hawthorne Lobster House
Facebook/Hawthorne Lobster House

Joining Gruner and LevantHawthorne Lobster House is the third restaurant to announce that it will close for good at the end of the year. Owned by Rodney and Vicki Scott (Brazil Grill) and April Garstin, Hawthorne Lobster House opened with the tagline The Best Tail in Portland in June 2014, and it was best known for serving the East Coast lobster feed, replete with bibs, butter, and tanks of live lobsters. In April 2015, it received a positive write-up in the Oregonian.

The announcement that Hawthorne Lobster House is closing came by Facebook, and while the owners hint at maybe reopening in a new location down the road in the comments, there's no doubt that Hawthorne Lobster House will close indefinitely after dinner service on December 30, 2015.

The complete parting Facebook message reads:

CLOSING: To our dearly valued customers, Through a series of unfortunate events, we regret to inform you we will closing our doors Dec. 30, 2015. We cannot express enough gratitude to the many customers that enjoyed our restaurant, shared it with their friends, and even became regulars. Our goal and desires were to bring the city of Portland amazing food that can't be found anywhere within the city limits. The numerous compliments and laughter heard throughout the restaurant in our time here was a sound and feeling we'll never forget!

If you are in possession or know of anyone who has an unused gift certificate, please come in and use them before Dec. 30th.

Last but definitely not least, to our staff. We were just a group of friends with the same love for amazing food and outstanding service with the desire to share it with our fellow Portlandians but in turn, we gained our restaurant family. Thank you for the amazing effort and spirit you added to our dream.

Rodney, Vicki, and April