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Watch Naomi Pomeroy Make a Thai Stir-Fry

A mini cooking lesson on a very un-Beast-ish dish.

Healthy food is not what we think of when we think of Beast, chef Naomi Pomeroy's multi-course meat haven in NE Portland. Foie gras bon bons, yes. But a veggie stir-fry? No.

But Pomeroy is a mom, after all, which means she has plenty of experience cooking dinner for kids. So she was tapped by a nationwide program called America Cooks with Chefs, which pairs James Beard Award-winning chefs with people looking for healthy cooking advice, to help another mom learn how to make nutritious meals for her family. The wrinkle here is that the mom in question has a budding chef for a son, so boring-but good-for-you just won't cut it.

Get past the show's overly earnest and scripted interactions, and you'll find Pomeroy dispenses some good cooking advice: how to work with grass-fed beef and why; how to get a proper sear on a steak; and how not to overcook your stir-fry into a soggy mess. And if you want to make the recipe for your own dinner tonight, you can find it here.