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Portland Monthly Goes on a Sugar High

The current issue is dedicated to sweets and the people who make them.

photos on the left by Dina Avila

The current issue of Portland Monthly goes all-in on the city's best sweets, devoting page after page to all the chocolate-coated, sugar-dusted, frozen, fried, and baked treats from Portland's pastry geniuses.

An article on dessert tips from the pros includes sage advice from The Sugar Cube's Kir Jensen, who turns to browned butter to add depth to her desserts: "That’s a secret weapon of mine," she says. "That shit is magic."

We gained 10 pounds just reading the roundup of frozen delights, especially the description of Bar Avignon's Mud Pie Sundae, a jar filled with brownies, ice cream, Frangelico sabayon, and caramelized bananas.

If you're still looking for Valentine's chocolates that show you've got good taste, they put together the "ultimate Portland chocolate box," with bites from Batch, Alma, Cocanu, Quin, Woodblock, and Xocolatl de David.

There's also a list of six morning treats to start your day off on a sweet note, including the almond croissants at Kim Boyce's Bakeshop. And the guide to desserts of the "next generation" rounds up last courses that range from Castagna's modernist potato skin meringue to Langbaan's artful Thai bites.