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First National Tap House Abruptly Shutters Portland Location

And the surprised staffers are angry as hell.

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After just five months, the Portland location of Eugene-based First National Tap House abruptly shuttered for good, apparently after the closing shift on February 11.

The gastropub opened in September just blocks from Portland State University, with 28-plus taps and coolers stocked with 400 beer and cider options from around the world. It looked to have all the elements for instant success: prime location, captive audience, well-though-out decor, and, you know, lots of beer. But Eater has received confirmation of the Portland location's shutter (the Eugene spot is apparently still running). No word yet on what prompted the closure.

Staffers, however, have been plenty vocal, and have taken to Yelp to express their anger and surprise.

Morgan H., who says he was a bartender, wrote on the site today: "Allow me to clarify a few things and dispel any rumors. No one other than the owners knew that this was going to happen, not the upper management, not the employees, no one. The night before the restaurant closed was extremely busy, and in no way was the business in financial trouble. It came like a bolt of lightning from a clear blue sky. We went to bed as a tight-knit family, and woke up unemployed, with our company email disabled and all of the locks changed."

Frank B., is a bit more incensed, posting on the site yesterday: "These miserable $$millionaire real estate$$$ [censored] JUST PUT 40 of the best, most decent, hard working people I've ever known out in the street without warning. They will BURN IN HELL FOR THEIR LACK OF FORESIGHT& utter disregard for everything that's good about humanity. I'd pray for steve masters, but it would be a waste of fucking time. Howdy, Tim! Seen YER SOUL, lately??? Fuck you both forever!"

We'll update this post with details when we get them.

First National Taphouse

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